About me: Your Personal Shopper | Private Stylist | Style Coach | Styling Coach | Personal Stylist 

The starting position is the affinity for the people, to clothing, style and fashion.

Since my early youth pull me fashion, design, styling and especially their impact in its spell.

Shortly after having completed my education as engineering draftswoman I entered the world of fashion and creativity. After having worked as a consultant in lifestyle & fashion, as a model and for a fashion show agency I started studying clothing engineering in Hamburg. During my studies I worked in the manufacturing domain, fashion trade and as an editor for a fashion magazine.

Since the successful completion of my studies, I am a freelance stylist for agencies, portrait and fashion photographer on the go.
Before the hitherto unknown service Personal Shopping in Germany introduced in 1998, I researched over the range styling, Shopping & Fashion very intense in cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, New York and many other cities, to the possibilities and needs of my clients even better meet you.
Besides my passion for styling, it is very important for me to work with people, like also in different languages ​​(English, Dutch, French).
‘Up to date’ to always be part of my craft and my profession. So I can guarantee timely and professional advice.