Wardrobe Check!
Do you still have an eye on your wardrobe or did you lost the sight of the situation and ask yourself more often?

“How am I supposed to find the highlights in my closet in this chaos of dresses?” – “Is there still someone living in my closet?” – “Am I a disguise artist?”

With a new order in your wardrobe and fresh combinations, we bring light back into the dark. By the way, we create a shopping list with the parts that you should be missing or, if necessary, renewed.

Properly separate and tidy, pack or dispose of bags – I will gladly help you with a wardrobe check. The wardrobe inventory can bring a lot of fun and free. It releases energy for new ones.

Book your appointment today. You can reach me at + 49-40-20 97 77 88 or + 49-171-529 11 32

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Fashion does not escape, because when fashion is out of fashion, it is already fashion. Karl Lagerfeld