Is chic still hip? Style Service stands for your personal styling advice! 

Style Service by Maria Hans deals since 1998 with styling, fashion and clothing. This is around the dissemination of knowledge and expertise, experience, style, styles, colors, dress sizes, materials, everything that belongs to fashion and clothing.

Learn fulfill your potential with active styling advice and anytime to present yourselfs best side.Maria Hans as your personal stylist will help youfrom the sock to the hairpin on request here. Show yourself more self-confident and with an unbeatable atmosphere.

Moreover, you can get to know the city of Hamburg and other cities of the fashionable side. Let yourself be guided by your professional fashion guide directly to the best places of the city and enjoy a selection of shops in different districts.

Other features style service also includes:

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me. Reach me by +49-171-529 11 32.


Clothing is more than just a protective or warming need. Clothing is culture, a piece of quality of life, respect and expression of your personality.